Located in south central Florida, Glades County offers numerous shovel ready sites that include highway access, rail, utilities, qualified workforce, and quality topography.  Because Glades County is considered a rural area, there are tax incentives that are favorable to businesses and people relocating to the area.  Glades County also offers a local option economic development tax abatement, which allows for 10 percent to 100 percent abatement of local ad valorem taxes for up to ten years, based on the number of jobs to be created and the wages associated with those jobs.

There is also room to grow a company due to the rural characteristics of the county.

There is an ease to moving goods throughout the county, as well as elsewhere in the state and nation.  The current land owners in the county support the local economy, government, and citizens.

The county offers several attractive communities and is in the process of building more homes at lower costs in order to improve the quality of life for its citizens.  There are quality schools throughout the county and a highly competent labor pool from which to draw.


In total, Glades County can mean lower operating costs for a company, and a simplified and better quality of life for its employees.